Integrated Technologies


Integrated Technologies

ifas Integrated Technologies provide security and life systems management as part and parcel of most buildings infrastructure.

The use of micro-processor based systems and software technology using a Windows environment has resulted in efficient user friendly systems requiring a minimum of operator input and therefore creating convergence in systems management which results in significant operational savings. Reporting of events and real time reporting of access, CCTV and alarm inputs ensure effective security management.

Using IP networking technology, integration to other electronic security systems is seamless and can be accessed from authorised work stations using networking, wireless and mobile technologies or the worldwide web. Every system designed is installed to industry standards, with open protocol equipment.

ifas Integrated Technologies can design a system that meets your immediate requirements with longevity to meet future requirements.

Converged security systems can also be designed to integrate with building management systems, fire systems, security barriers and perimeter security systems.

integrated technologies

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