IP Systems


IP Systems

ifas provide IP Systems products from leading industry suppliers.

ifas Integrated Technologies mission is to provide dependable, scalable and cost effective network systems, which enable increased business security. With an emphasis on the integration of building systems and widespread knowledge of IP Systems, CCTV, Fire Alarms, Intruder Alarms, Access Control, Lighting Systems, Building Management Systems, ifas are able to support an open protocol philosophy, connect and interface many different manufacturers’ products thereby extending the lifecycle, functionality and use of current systems.

Using computer technology to detect traffic incidents and the behaviour that precedes them makes it possible not only to automatically detect when incidents have occurred but also to predict – and ultimately prevent – these incidents.

While early video analytics systems were server-based with each camera routed back to a central analytics server, the advent of IP video and video encoders has led to edge-based architectures where the analysis is performed in a DSP on the video encoder or camera.

This distributed architecture has the advantage that high-resolution video does not necessarily have to be transmitted to a central server for processing.

ip systems

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