Wireless Mesh Network


Wireless Mesh Network

Through the flexibility of wireless mesh network transmission live video can transmit across the world without the need to invest in infrastructure, allowing ifas to provide cost effective solutions.

ifas highly efficient encoding and streaming products, allows customers to benefit from Wireless Video transmission, capturing live video over any network, including mobile networks GPRS and 3G, Wireless 802.n networks, microwave links, satellite and broadband.
ifas innovative products and technologies offer high performance routing, automatic network formation and unparalleled reliability to a wide variety of wireless applications. These products are intended to be robust, resistant to interference, not hackable and to operate for 10-15 years with minimal support as well as operate as a cities backbone for all real time wireless applications.
ifas provide a wide range of security applications, including crowd monitoring and control, overt and covert surveillance and perimeter surveillance.
ifas are able to provide wireless and internet technologies to government, retailers, operators, Internet Service Providers and other sectors.

wireless mesh network

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